Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Christmas Comes Early For The Liquid Muse!

Imagine my surprise when I got a congratulatory email from a spirits publicist in New York on my write up in the December issue of Marie Claire.

I was like, “What?
Marie Claire? I think you have me confused with someone else.” She insisted that she had it in front of her, and The Liquid Muse was indeed mentioned in Marie Claire. The next day, I got another ‘congrats’ from a restaurant publicist, in DC.

So, ecstatic little media whore that I am, I sped down to the grocery store, bought a copy and sat in my car, in the parking lot, scouring the pages. And, I found it! I did my own little “touchdown” dance right there in the driver’s seat.

Personal aside: Not only is it gratifying to know that I hit the radar of both Modern Luxury (The Liquid Muse is mentioned in
DC Magazine’s November Nightlife issue) and Marie Claire’s controversial “topless Ashley Judd” and “Elizabeth Vargas breast feeding” December issue BUT I am embarking on my quest for a literary agent and publisher for my first cocktail book… so, the timing could not be better!

Thank you, Marie Claire!!!


DC Celine said...

ok, the scary thing is that i've read that issue, and missed it! now i have to re-scour. congratulations! said...

It is on the "books and website" page... I believe that would be page 68...

It is a little blurb - but a gorgeous little blurb, indeed! ;-)

Thanks for the note!