Thursday, December 21, 2006

Celebrity Sips

Matthew McConaughey and the 1800® Tequila Tailgate Party

In his February 2006 interview on the Oprah show, Matthew McConaughey declared that 1800® Tequila is his favorite brand of agave and “always kicks off wonderful conversations.” (Rumor has it that he was racing around to find a case of 1800 Añejo - aged - tequila to take with him on a trip to Australia! Additionally, Matt M. requested that 1800® Tequila be served at his own University of Texas Tailgate party, which, btw, buddies Lance A. and Jake G. attended. Screw football! I’d tailgate just to gawk that that crew of hotties!)

Having tasted the incredibly fragrant and buttery Añejo myself, I have to agree with People Magazine’s “2005 Sexiest Man Alive.” Crafted in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, and aged in French and American oak barrels, 1800® Tequila is a true, high-quality sipper.

Given all of the above, is it any surprise that 1800® Tequila was the sponsor of the Hollywood premiere and tailgate-themed after-party of reality-based, football movie We Are Marshall on December 16, 2006? The celeb-studded event was attended by his fellow Marshall stars, including: Matthew Fox, Ian McShane, Anthony Mackie, Kate Mara, Arlen Escarpeta, director McG and producer Basil Iwanyk. Additional celebrities spotted crashing the bash were: Drew Barrymore, Lance Armstrong, Josh Holloway, Harold Perrineau, James Denton and Mark McGrath. (The movie opens, nationwide, this weekend!)

Master mixologist Vincenzo Marianella (of Providence in Los Angeles - touted "One of America's Top 50 Restaurants" by Gourmet Magazine... and one of my favorite Angeleno eateries!) created specialty cocktails to pair with the tailgate themed atmosphere. Why not make like Matt and whip up a couple for your next football party?

The Marshall Margarita
2oz 1800® Silver
1oz Gran Marnier
1oz Fresh Lime Juice
1/2oz Simple Syrup
Shake and serve into salt-rimmed glass.

Red’s Cocktail
2oz 1800® Silver
1/2oz Fresh Lime Juice
3oz Ruby Grapefruit Juice
1/2oz Pomegranate Syrup
Shake and serve.

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