Friday, December 08, 2006

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"That's Hot!" - Drinks Du Jour

Sipster, Michelle Sites, from Los Angeles, recently inquired about which cocktails are “hot” right now. That is a big question! Where to begin?

Vodka is still hot. While some people are dissing vodka these days, I have to stand up for it. It is a versatile spirit which lends itself to all kinds of cocktails. And, vodkas are fascinating! They can be made from potato, rye, or varied grains. They hail from Finland, Russia, France, Poland, Hawaii (and many other US states) and beyond. Some are organic and some are infused with fruit, color, even bubbles! Sweet, savory, straight up boozy – vodka cocktail possibilities are endless. Therefore, vodka cocktails will always be popular.

That said, there is a whole world of spirits beyond vodka to be explored. One of the missions of The Liquid Muse is to broaden Sipsters’ cocktail horizons through informational, experiential posts. Booze for Broads (tm) cocktail tastings and seminars are focused primarily on exposing women to new concepts in “drinks with the girls.”

One thing to keep in mind: “what’s hot” is subjective. What YOU like is always in. I may think its time to move past the Cosmo, but if vodka, cranberry, triple sec and lime is your thing, more power to you. Everyone has a unique palate. For example, no matter how “hip” PBR may be, I refuse to drink it. I simply refuse.

As far as popular trends go, Classic Cocktails have enjoyed a resurgence. Just like with fashion, Hollywood Glamour is back - in the glass. The Negroni , Manhattan, Gin Collins and Sazerac – all popular with previous generations - are popping up on bar menus coast to coast. Also, Latin drinks are always sexy – the Caipirinha and Mojito craze is still quite strong.

My advice? The best way to spot a new trend (or start one yourself) is to talk to the bartender. I find that most bartenders have their own special concoctions. They are creative people who take pride in what they do. I always ask the guy or gal behind the bar if they've created something unusual lately. With very few exceptions, a talented Mixologist is happy to show it off!

And, I am always happy to share it with The Liquid Muse community… so send your "hot list" of drinks in!

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