Monday, December 11, 2006

Save The Mistletoe?

I am happy to support social and environmental causes. However, I'm not quite sure what this one is all about (other than marketing). I'm not saying I'm against it... only that cheesy can be "campy cool" and cheesy can be just plain cheesy. This one is merely confusing...

Smirnoff ICE has joined with an array of 80's "Where are they now?" types (Erik Etrada, Tiffany, Joyce Dewitt... if I need to explain who they are, then you already get my drift...) in support of MASA (the Mistletoe Appreciation Society of America).

I guess the upside of the hoopla is that Trees For Life gets $5,000.00 from Smirnoff ICE on behalf of the Save the Mistletoe mission, while the rest of us stand here scratching our heads muttering, "huh?" (Downside to this campaign: As a consumer, I can't say I feel any more inspired to drink Smirnoff ICE than I did before which, I guess, would have been the goal...)

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