Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Liquid Muse PSA

I am happy to say that the beagle featured in this post found a home following the Doggie Happy Hour at Helix Lounge this summer, in Washington DC. Since then, one of the original Sipsters, Tara deNicolas has become the Director of Marketing & Communications at the Washington DC Humane Society. I want to share her worthy plea to spread a little holiday cheer to the furry innocents abandoned (at all times of the year). Tara says:

“The day following Christmas shelters receive a rush of puppies and kittens that people received as holiday gifts but do not want. Wonderful dogs and cats are
dropped off in droves. So, if you are possibly in the market for a loveable pet, now is the time to visit the shelters and web site to meet all the lovely pets waiting to be saved and go to a good home.

Sundae, a 2-year-old Dachshund found wandering the lonely streets of DC one cold December night is a bit timid, but if you get to know him you’ll find he's an absolutely wonderful little boy, who just wants to be loved!”

And, don’t forget about the 5th annual ‘A Sugar and Champagne Affair’ on January 23rd at Hotel Palomar where guests (human and canine) will be greeted by champagne and delicious desserts from the regions top Pastry Chefs. All Proceeds from A Sugar and Champagne Affair will benefit the Washington Humane Society!


Deb said...

Look at these beauties! Go to and check out the Gognac Tipping Glasses. Came across them on another blog (don't know which one now??), but think they're incredible!

Washington Cube said...

Happy New Year