Friday, April 04, 2008

Drink With Me On The Tasting Room Radio Show!

Sometimes referred to as a "shock jock," Tom Leykis's daily radio show "Blow Me Up Tom" is a totally different experience to his Tasting Room program. Leykis is often reprimanded by feminists for "Blow Me Up's" how to advice designed to help guys get laid without spending a penny. (Personally, I think that if girls are foolish enough to fall for boys' silly ploys, they have no one to blame but themselves!)

Tom's softer - and decidedly more sophisticated side - comes out in The Tasting Room. My good buddy Adam The Wine Guy (who co-hosts with Tom) invited me to be a guest and shake up some fun inside the boys club over at the Paramount Studios lot, on Melrose Ave, right here in Hollywood. The studio is inside the Mae West Building – so you can imagine my senses were reeling with excitement at doing such a fun thing in such a cool place.

(Personal aside: The last time I was at Paramount, I was auditioning for a small role in the movie 200 Cigarettes, about a decade ago, back in my acting days. It is waaaay more fun to do swill The Liquid Muse Signature Cocktails with Tom and Adam than nervously recite lines in front of a casting director!)

The Tasting Room airs in 20+ cities all around the country – LA, Dallas, Seattle, Vegas, Washington DC – even parts of Alaska! Go to this site to see if it plays in your city.

Here in L.A. it is on 97.1 from 5-7 pm on Sundays. (Our piece will run around 6.)

Tune in, and tell me what you think! We had some good laughs and a great time, despite a couple of spills on my part. And, please feel free to email me for the recipes for the three Liquid Muse Signature Cocktails we drank on the air.

Cheers, everyone!


Mae West NYC said...

How interesting - - and I had not heard it referred to as "the Mae West Building" before this – - - -
Hope you will come up and see Mae, honey, at the Algonquin Theatre in July 2008! said...

hey "Mae West #2"
Thanks for the visit. And,yes, indeed, it is called the Mae West Building. There are photos of her lining the halls. Really cool!!