Monday, April 21, 2008

The Stars Align To Light Up Your Cocktail Hour...

My pal, Gwen, a fellow cocktail blogger (blogress?) at Intoxicated Zodiac has these awesome new eco-friendly "astrological cocktail candles." Best of all, the cool candle holder becomes a Rocks Glass when you're done! And, they even fit a stylish and "green" lifestyle. Below is her description:

Astrology meets the Cocktail with a twist of green. A collection of 12 eco-friendly candles made from gm-free soy wax in a recycled glass votive.

Each candle, one for each Astrological sign, has an exclusive scent which is associated with it's unique Cocktail recipe. The recipes utilize plants, herbs and flowers associated with each individual sign.

Imagine inhaling a scent specially formulated for you... therapeutic, supportive, cleansing–Celestial Cocktail aromatherapy! and the best part, each candle comes with the printed version of it's Celestial Cocktail recipe so that later you can make a drink specially created for you. Order here.

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Boutique Mix Fashion said...

These are lovely!!