Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Liquid Muse "Sustainable Sips" Cocktail Classes Kick Off in Boston, This Week!

In addition to covering cocktail trends and designing cocktails for spiffy parties, I love teaching cocktail classes. Seeing the "lightbulb" illuminate above a civilian cocktail-lover's head ("civilian" = not a professional bartender or Mixologist) is a moment I relish. I love to learn new things ... and I love to share those things with enthusiastic recipients of cocktailian information.

Let's face it - making a cocktail is not rocket science - but it is a craft, even a passion for some. I equate it to cooking. Professional chefs and recipe developers have may have more developed skills and experience than the average home cook... but that doesn't mean that wonderful dishes can't be recreated for the family table.

"Eat Organic? Drink Organic!" is the slogan for The Liquid Muse Sustainable Sips cocktail classes. Why would someone spend so much time, energy and thought into picking out what they eat... and be completely ignorant to sustainable cocktails?

Meanwhile, the New York Times is picking up on the "sustainable" cocktail trend (finally - yay). Today's article is a wonderful nod to modern consumer consciousness behind the bar. Jonathan Miles wrote a nice piece on Bar 44 in Manhattan and taps Somer Perez's cocktail shaker for inspiration, and challenges her to make a cocktail with ingredients from within a 100-mile radius. (A challenge I would love to meet! Hell, living in California, I've designed drinks using only ingredients from my back yard!)

I'll be teaching my classes in New York, in May, so I will definitely swing by to sample her delicious sounding cherry drink made with Bluecoat gin, which I was very happy to see as I am using Bluecoat in my cocktail classes.

I've designed four Liquid Muse Sustainable Signature Cocktails to demonstrate at my upcoming classes... and I am even more excited now that the word about the stylish sustainable lifestyle making its way into the glass - and onto the pages of major publications. Read that article here. And, check back over the coming days to see the cocktails I'm highlighting in Boston, New York and Minneapolis over the next few months...

(Strawberry photo borrowed from this cool site.)

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