Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Global Writes Launches Website!

The International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association has kicked off a wonderful new website for those of us in the industry... and those of us who simply love food, wine & travel. (And, frankly, who doesn't?)

I happily contributed a piece for their premiere issue on one of my favorite women in wine, the very regal
Eileen Crane, of Domaine Carneros in Napa.

This photo depicts Eileen's wonderful sparkling Brut Rose, and The Liquid Muse Signature Cocktail I created for its launch parties in NY, SF and LA, last November.

Cheers and Congrats to Editor Kim Rahilly and the whole Global Writes team!


Boutique Mix Fashion said...

fabulous!! can't wait to read your piece. congrats!!!!!!

Idea Lady said...

Great article. said...

Hey folks, thanks for checking in! Welcome to The Liquid Muse. I hope to clink glasses with you soon!

Anonymous said...

I really like your site! I completely agree that LA lacks a cocktail culture. I hope your blog changes that. I remember having my first mojito in Barcelona years ago and watching the bartender grind the mint, lime and sugar right in the glass, making sure to fill it with ice afterward so that the mint would not float up when you drink. Filling it with rum and then topping it with orange bitters. It was a year or two before the mojito rage came to hip spots in the US and it was the best mojito I'd ever had.