Monday, July 28, 2008

BBQ Bloody Mary

I wish I had come up with this clever drink idea... but I got it off "Down Home With the Neely's," the new Food Network show. (Yes, I'm catching up on some Food Network, this week!)

Gina Neely likes her tipples, which is one more reason why I enjoy this show. I don't know how the married couple cooks in the kitchen together without squabbling even once (I'm not sure Jason and I would be quite so harmonious...) but it is nice to see... kind of like one of those chick flick romantic comedies where everyone is funny and attractive and winds up in love. Its also nice to see a little more cultural diversity in the televised celebrity chef realm.

Read this interview with the couple on YumSugar. They manage to make you believe they actually are that ga-ga over each other in real life.

Gina's Bloody Mary has lots of horseradish, pepper and Tabasco - so it is super spicy - just the way I like it. However, she also adds a good dollop of BBQ sauce. I am definitely going to try this out...

What do you think?

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