Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Sazerac Becomes the Official Cocktail of the Big Easy!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Ann Rogers Tunnerman, founder of Tales of the Cocktail, the Sazerac has finally been awarded its deserved title of "Official Cocktail of New Orleans!"

If you are headed to Tales, this year, I look forward to clinking (Sazerac) glasses with you. If you are not going, check in on the Tales of the Cocktail Website and The Liquid Muse homepage to see my Daily Recap Webisodes... and cry in your rye whiskey over the fun you wish you were having...

Also, don't forget to check out the TalesBlog. It is a forum where several of us cocktail bloggers are simultaneously keeping you up-to-date with the biggest cocktail convention in the world!

Sazerac Cocktail recipe:

1/2 ounce absinthe
2 ounces rye whiskey
1 sugar cube
healthy dash Peychaud's bitters
lemon peel
big ice cubes (optional)

Pour the absinthe into a rocks glass and swirl it around, coating it well. Pour out remaining liquid. (I keep a tiny bit in...) Place sugar cube in the bottom of the glass, then douse it with Peychaud's bitters. Muddle. Add rye whiskey and garnish with a lemon peel twirl. While most "manly men" tend to prefer this drink 'up,' I like it with big, slow-melting ice cubes.

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