Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tickled Pink Over Yellow Tail Bubbly

Like many cool Australian things we’ve embraced (Nicole Kidman, Men at Work, the blooming onion at Outback) the family of [Yellow Tail] wines has been giving us ‘cheap thrills’ for about a decade.

We can't turn on the radio, TV or Internet without hearing words like "economy," "crisis" and "recession" ... which is kind of a 'buzz kill' when you fork over anywhere from $12 – 18 for a single sparkling cocktail. Therefore, join me in jumping for joy over the newly launched Yellow Tail Sparkling Rosé. A whole bottle runs barely over $10 - and it tastes quite yummy.

I first noted rose petals tickling the tip of my tongue, followed by a tinge of grapefruit. This sparkling rosé is sweet enough to be served after dinner or at a girly brunch (such as a bridal shower). However, it is not sickly sweet. It is dry enough to be palatable. Being affordable is merely a pleasant side effect.

As for those sparkling cocktails, here's suggestion from The Liquid Muse Mixology: Rim the champagne flute with granulated suger, add a dash of peach bitters to the chilled
rosé and garnish with a wild hibiscus flower in syrup. Its thrify and nifty and the crowd will love it.

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