Thursday, July 24, 2008

Miss Charming's Cocktail Cinema at Tales of the Cocktail

I want to give a big, huge, shout-out and hug to Cheryl Charming, aka: Miss Charming. At the last minute, she could not attend Tales of the Cocktail but as they say on Broadway: "the show must go on."

And it did!

Cheryl chose "Auntie Mame" as the movie, and people piled in to watch it. There were Side Cars a-flowing and both Jeffrey Morgenthaler and Darcy O'Neill showed up to help out.

See a bit more in my Daily Recap Webisode #5. I gave Cheryl a big "hello" from New Orleans which didn't make it into the final cut (once it was filmed, it was out of my hands in the editing room...).

But, I'm sure we all agree that Miss Charming was there in spirit! We missed you, Cheryl!


Michael Dietsch said...

Oops! You pasted the wrong URL into the link for Darcy's name. He's at, not

I don't want to take credit for what he's done! said...

Oh my gawd - thanks, Michael. I think the cocktails must have saturated my brain!! I know both of your blogs and both of you!!!


kindviet said...

in case you did not see the comments i left at small screen network awesome job Natalie i am sure tales will get a major boost in 2009 thanks to you and all the webisodes. i just hope ann and paul will be ready for the influx. said...

Thank you so much for the nice commets. I am really happy that you liked the webisodes. We all worked very hard on them. It is great to know people enjoyed them.