Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are you a Vodkabot?

Do you follow drink trends rather than set them? Do you guzzle vodka-and-redbull and think you’re having a cocktail? Do you drink whatever the girls down the bar are drinking? If so, you have morphed into a vodkabot.

Now, I personally, have nothing against vodka. There is a place for every spirit, and each one has its purpose. However, if I choose a vodka, it is not because I’ve never experienced anything else. I love gin. I love tequila. I love rum, whiskey, cognac, Campari and grappa. I love them all - even vodka - but I know that there is more in the world than it.

The point those clever boys at Veev acai spirit are trying to make with their vodkabot viral campaign (it is as fun as the Christmas Elf thing was, a couple of years ago) is that you shouldn’t just follow others to the bar like a little lost lamb. Choose your drink according to your taste and knowledge. Yes, try some Veev, for chrissakes. Its good stuff. And, whatever you do, think for yourself… at the bar and beyond.

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