Friday, November 28, 2008

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I am grateful for so many things - friends, family and the dynamic industry in which I work. The Liquid Muse has grown from a fledgling cocktail blog in April 2006, to my full time business incorporating mixology services, beverage consultation, cocktail classes, spokesperson partnerships and my first book on its way to stores as I write this!

You have probably seen me mention "Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-To-Be" many times. I am not only proud of finally making this dream a reality but I have to be my own little PR machine! (I'm a one-woman show so forgive me for wearing every hat...) This is one of the reasons I am so appreciative of the kind words and support from my peers both online and in-person.

When I read Colleen Graham's review of Preggatinis on, I held my breath... and was so relieved and thrilled when she liked it. (To echo Sally Field "She really liked it!") Woo-hoo, thank you!

Guide Review - Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-to-Be

Virgin cocktails do not have to be boring and the preconception of many women when they are pregnant is that the fun of drinking has to stop. Yes, you shouldn't be drinking your favorite Cosmopolitan, but that doesn't mean you can't have one of The Liquid Muse's Cosmoms. That is where the beauty lies in Preggatinis: Bovis-Nelsen has given life to the mocktail so that even when you cannot drink alcohol you can still have a drink that makes you feel like the adult you are.

There is not one of the recipes in Preggatinis that is not enjoyable and for Bovis-Nelsen to share her original drinks with us in such an enlightening fashion is excellent. Beyond just being a list of drinks, these drinks have a purpose. From the ginger-laden drinks for quieting morning sickness to "drinks" like the Funky Monkey that cure the ice cream and pickle craving, through light beer and wine cocktails to slowly reintroduce alcohol to your system and a few trimming tinis for shedding those extra pounds - all of the steps are covered.

My other favorite aspect of Preggatinis are the "De-Virginize for Dad" tips - because the pregnancy trip does not just affect the ladies. Throughout the book there are options for the sympathetic father who wants a slightly stiffer drink without making his wife feel left out. That is a win-win situation for the whole family and a great concept for keeping everyone happy.

So, ladies, your social life does not have to end when you get pregnant, you can still have fun and enjoy fine drinks. I would highly recommend Preggatinis for any family with a new addition on the way - it's fun, it's enjoyable and it's filled with great ideas. Not to mention that I now have the perfect gift for every one of my friends when they make the "big" announcement.

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laura said...

natalie ill be honest i thought your book was only for moms to be but after reading this excerpt it seems to be so much more. i will absolutely have to buy a copy.