Monday, November 24, 2008

Have You Applied for the Vail Mixology Summit?

If you are looking to mingle with other bartenders / mixologists from around the country in the bars and on the slopes of Vail, this might be the contest for you.

In their words: "If selected, GRAND MARNIER and NAVAN will use your skills to help build their great brands. In addition to learning from your mixology expertise, we will have fun in Vail -- skiing, snow tubing, seminars, dining and parties. "

Submit your application / recipes via this link by NOVEMBER 30, and you could win airfare to Vail and be invited to participate in fun activities and share your mixology ideas at the Grand Marnier / Navan Mixology Summit. (You pay for your own 2 nights lodging.)

Good luck!


jimmyp said...

The consulting fees pretty much cover the cost of your flights and room. It's a great time. said...

Great! Sounds like a lot of fun.