Monday, November 03, 2008

Take A Look Around 360 Vodka

The Girls Next Door Did…

Eco-friendly 360 Vodka hit the Playboy Mansion for the “Great American Fantasty” party, last month. The event raised money for the 30th anniversary of the Children of the Night charity, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from the streets. As you can see the girls gave Vic Morrison (360’s VP of Marketing) plenty to fantasize about while Ludacris performed for party-goers.

But 360 vodka is more than flashbulbs and Hollywood snapshots. All of the grains - corn, wheat and milo - used to make the vodka come from
northeastern Kansas and southwestern Missouri, within a 95-mile radius of 360’distillery. Although the grains are not organic, McCormick Distilling (the company behind 360) is minimizing its eco-footprint by working with local farmers, minimizing fossil fuel emissions and lowering its energy consumption. By partnering with Renewable Choice Energy, McCormick offsets 100% of the electricity and natural gases used at their Weston, MO facility, where all of their products are made.

Each batch of 360 Vodka is filtered through their proprietary charcoal and Sri Lankan coconut shell filter system and column distilled four times. And, if that is what makes it so smooth and creamy, all the better. It is clean, pleasant, and frankly, delicious. At 80 proof, it is great for mixing or chilling and drinking straight. Added bonus: the bottle is made from 85% recycled glass.

360 New Leaf
(This recipe is essentially a vodka mojito - easy to make and refreshing for a steamy, sexy party.)
4 Lime Wedges Squeezed & Dropped
6 mint leaves torn in half
1 oz. Simple Syrup
2 oz 360 Vodka

Muddle limes, mint and simple syrup. Add vodka, fill with ice, then top with club soda or lemon lime soda.

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