Sunday, January 13, 2008

Got A Crush?

With Valentine's Day coming up, some people have romance on the mind. And, some folks may need a little friendly advice to get their game on. Or, know when to turn it off...

If you're a lady looking for some friendly advice on hooking up with a hot boy, Got A Crush? gives you the low-down on internet dating. It will also help you find the right shade of makeup, prevent the flu, make you feel better about masturbating and explain the "10 reasons why you're always getting rejected."

And, men aren't left out! Want to know if that certain girl is simply busy or avoiding your calls? Read "7 signs she's no longer interested." Then, follow it up with "12 common reasons why women cheat."

Sorry, bub. The truth hurts sometimes but its better to know. Plus, you can always click back over to The Liquid Muse and I'll help you drink the pain away...

(Photo is from this post on Got A Crush?)

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