Friday, January 11, 2008

Vegastripping Names Person of the Year

Vegas is back in a big way. 'Everyday' Angelenos, and our celebrity cohabitants, descend upon our liquor-drenched neighbor in droves to lap up every last drop of unapologetic sparkling, slithering, sultry debauchery. And, we're damn grateful for it! (Put the green tea lattes, meatless burgers and faked out psuedo-spiritualism on hold --- cuz, for Crissakes, we like to party, too!)

However, we often forget that Vegas is also a real, live city with breathing, thinking people... most of whom avoid the strip on a Saturday night, go to sleep when its dark, wake up in the morning (sans hangover) and actually do things other than lounge poolside with Playmates.

Steve Friess' blog, aptly named The Strip Podcast, covers the city's entertainment, sure, but also delves into commentary on real estate, politics, snippets from his personal life and how a regular Vegas resident spends NYE. Informative and entertaining, it has been recognized by Vegastripping as "Blog of the Year." Steve has also won Vegastripping's admiration for going head to head with Steve Wynn, and so named their Person of the Year.

Blogger to blogger, I gotta say, "I'll drink a toast to you, Steve. Congrats!"

(pic is from Steve Friess' homepage)

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