Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hollywood Tea’s Off!

Here at The Liquid Muse I’ve reported on the tea cocktail trend around L.A., and featured that orange lab-coated enthusiast, Dr. Tea (whose new Tea Diet book recently hit the shelves). What I hadn’t considered was using delicious blended teas as pre-party insurance against a painful morning-after.

Ritual Supperclub in Hollywood features yum, yum sushi and several fun cocktails, but the real excitement these days is its bar’s collaboration with Executive Chef Andy Pastore who developed the “Art of Tea” program (which has been introduced to its celebrity clientele such as Ryan Phillippe, Luke Wilson and our planet’s BFF, Al Gore).

Are you out to party? Think ahead! Rather de-toxing after a nasty hangover, try Pre Tox Citrus Cleansing and Grounding tea, and see if it helps avoid one. (Ritual Supperclub has a built-in nightclub, so it may be a good idea to work this in upon arrival.)

Are you out to chill? Blooming Bliss boosts a ‘calm and centered’ feeling with hand-picked organic green tea leaves scented with fragrant jasmine blossoms.

Are you out to indulge? Skip the calories and treat your tastebuds to The Chocolate Monkey, which highlights tempting aromas such as chocolate, banana, rooibos, apple and pink peppercorn.

Can't Resist Being Just a Little Naughty? Go for the Green Tea Creme Brulee... infused with Pre Tox tea!

Whether or not this tea program staves off headaches and dehydration remains to be seen, but there’s everything to gain from a little herbal delight… even if it doesn’t include alcohol!

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