Friday, August 03, 2007

Ask The Liquid Muse

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Sipster, Paige, asks:

Hi Natalie-

Since you're the cocktail expert, I was wondering -- does anybody order the Tom Collins any more? I was reading something the other day that made it seem like this was a real popular drink in the '20s and '30s.


Hi Paige,

Yes, it is a classic cocktail. And, classic cocktails are making a major resurgence!! So, the skilled and passionate bartenders will know how to make it, and cocktail afficionados will order it. I suggest trying one out at Providence, Blue Velvet or Seven Grand, where some of the most skilled bartenders in town can whip up classic concoctions...



Sipster Songstress, Jahna asks:

You are by far the best person to have the answer to this question...
It's my birthday this weekend and I want to go to a super chic, tasteful yet hot place for drinks with friends on the west side...
Checked out One Spot and it looks great, but a bit far for my crowd...
ave any suggestions, please?!
Hey Jahna,
First - Happy Birthday!! :-)
Here are some upscale,
Westside hotspots:
  • Abode is lovely, female owned and in Santa Monica.
  • Penthouse is a bit of a scene but its gorgeous! It's at the top of the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. Reserve a table by the windows!!
  • Tengu has some fab sake drinks and wonderful sushi. It is quite expensive, though.
  • Bite, in Venice, has a flight of sake (meaning three small glasses, so you can compare them side by side). I found that really fun.
I hope those help!

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