Tuesday, August 28, 2007

See Christi Naked

Christiania Vodka's Competition

Have an eye for art? Or just like nudie images? Today, Christiania vodka announces the finalists in its "New Nude" competition on its site: christinaked.com

When I first heard about Christiania vodka, I thought it must be from Denmark. I visited Copenhagen's bohemian neighborhood, called Christiania, back in 1999 when backpacking around with some Ozzie fellas I met in Stockholm. The creative vibe, art-filled sidewalks (and sides of buildings) along with the "peace and love" squatters in those buildings and legalized hash kept us there for two out of three afternoons.

However, Christiania vodka is Norweigan (Oslo, Norway's capital was once called Chrisitiana, too). It is made from organic potatoes and crystal clean Norweigan water. (or so says their site...) Judging by the taste, I believe it. It has a clean finish and is smooth on the tongue, which is all I ask of a vodka, after all.

So, pull up a chair, peruse some erotic art, sip a Norweigan cocktail and relive some fancy-free days of your own...


Innerurban said...

Can you go into detail about the Christiania Vodka? I think it is better than the highly regarded Chopin Vodka. However, I am a novice reviewer judging on personal taste. I am conducting a evaluation of spirits $30 and under. Since this one is relatively new to our market (2000) it can be found at competitive prices. Note: I am a fan of potatoes vodkas over grains. I think potato distilled vodka offers more neutral vodka than the grains.

Anonymous said...

Do the bottles still contain lead to get that blue color?