Sunday, August 12, 2007

Celebrity Sips

Toast The Girls Next Door With Me, Tonight!

In honor of my favorite junk-food TV, I'm featuring a cocktail recipe from my very special cocktail book: Playboy's Host & Bar Book, published in 1971. This collection of recipes is compiled by Thomas Mario who became Food and Drink Editor at Playboy Magazine in 1953.

If you've followed The Liquid Muse for a while, you know I was super excited to create drinks for a fete at the Playboy Mansion, swooned over the Playboy Club in Vegas and even covered Larry King's coverage of the happy foursome.

As an avid Girls Next Door viewer, I learned Hef likes to include an element which hints at "the presence of a man" in the magazine's Centerfold pictorals. In other words, somewhere in the photo of the featured Playboy Playmate, there is a baseball cap, or a man's jacket, or something that suggests a man is nearby...

So, building on that concept, tonight at 10:00 pm, when The Girls Next Door airs in LA on E!, I'll be sipping something quite feminine, with a hint of masculine influence...

Champagne Manhattan (from aforementioned book)
1 ounce Canadian whisky
1/4 ounce sweet vermouth
1 dash bitters
3 ounces iced brut champagne
1 brandied cherry

Stir whisky, vermouth and bitters well, with ice. Strain into prechilled champagne glass. Add champagne and brandied cherry.

Cheers, Girls!

*Photo from E! Online pix


Deb said...

O.K.sister...I can't take it. We HAVE to come up with a date to meet for ONE drink. Let me know what your schedule looks like!!!

Metrocurean said...

I join you in my junk-food TV love of that show... =)