Saturday, August 18, 2007

London Calling...

Don't Hate Me because I'm Dutiful (to reporting on the world's hottest cocktails!)

The wanderlust in my little Musey heart is all a-flutter. I just love packing a suitcase. The anticipation of travel, the intrigue of a new adventure, the cocktails just waiting to be consumed...

And, if anywhere is a cocktail destination, its London!

The birthplace of the classic cocktail resurgence, the stomping ground of top-tier Mixologists, the epi-center for new cocktailian trends - London is the place to poke around.

I can tell you how much I love England (my mom is from London) and how whenever I go, I feel a deep connection with the imperial island. I'm obsessed with the Arthurian legends (my alter-ego is named Avalon); I drool over Bentleys, Jags and Rolls Royces; and my enthusiasm over having England's hottie captain playing for my home-town soccer team is almost too explosive to contain.

But... all that aside, the topic which gets me all lathered up is London's Cocktail Culture. I'll be visiting several intriguing places - the Library Bar, the American Bar at the Savoy, Lonsdale, Montgomery Place, St. Mary Axe at the "Gherkin," and Fifty are on the agenda. Tune in to read my interviews with the respected Mixologists, reportage of their
mind-blowing cocktails, and some overall observations of London's cocktailian world compared to our own.

And, if I get a moment to squeeze in another spot, or two, feel free to leave suggestions in the comments. You, the great and mighty readership of The Liquid Muse, are part of this experience, after all! (I'll be blogging along the way.)

So, to get myself in a groovy kind of mood, I'm mixing up a good, old classic martini with - what else - Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin.

Chip, Chip, Cheerio, lads!


Erin said...

Natalie - DO visit Nick Strangeway at the Hawksmoor!! Be sure to ask him to make you a Ramos Gin Fizz - the best I have ever had to date. Nick and his staff are amazing - talented, hospitable, hip without pretention. (Say hi from me)

DC Celine said...

Iwant to go to London!