Monday, August 27, 2007

The Backyard Bartender

Are you looking to do a bit more entertaining while we still have long days and warm evenings? Do you want to pick up a few basic skills to delight guests?

Then, make it easy on yourself and pick up a copy of The Backyard Bartender by Nicole Aloni. The cookbook author (she has previously published Cooking for Company and Secrets From a Caterers Kitchen) covers some bar basics, then launches in to 55 fun and easy make-at-home drinks to suit almost any summer occasion.

She covers a few classics like a Negroni, Manhattan and Sidecar. She also covers a few of what she deems will become classics such as a Chocolate Citron and Hot Stuff. (I haven't heard of either of these, yet, but will keep my eyes open...)

There are a few juices for non-drinkers such as pregnant ladies (they're not quite Preggatinis (tm) but they do look refreshing).

Overall, it is a lovely addition to the home bartender's collection. And, the gorgeous photos by Colleen Duffley add colorful visuals. (Remember, Christmas is only 4 months away...)

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