Friday, March 28, 2008

Brenda’s Bytes - Welcome to Happy Hour!

I often get emails from Sipsters in Los Angeles asking me for great places to hang out when the work day is through. In order to provide more of that kind of helpful content, I'm happy to introduce you to Brenda Wachel, who is my new ‘girl around town’ at The Liquid Muse. Brenda focuses directly on guiding you to dine and drink during that magical after-work, before-dinner interlude, otherwise known as Happy Hour. Welcome to the first installment of Brenda’s Bytes!

Vin Bar showcases a lighter, more casual way to experience the innovative flavors and unforgettable wines of Valentino, Piero Selvaggio’s Michelin-rated Italian restaurant. Amid dark wood bar tables and cushioned chairs against umber walls and marble flooring, a well-heeled crowd unwinds while enjoying ephemeral bites and one of the most extensive wine lists in Los Angeles.

Specials include a choice of two dishes from the Vin Bar Menu (
featuring antipasta, pasta, meat and fish) and a dessert for $35. Or, choose three plates with dessert for $42. Proving that wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable, a glass of wine or prosecco starts at $10.

While the full dinner menu is available, the Vin Bar Menu provides some exceptional choices including hand-made pappardelle spiced with chocolate and tossed in a Maine lobster ragu; plates of crispy Mediterranean tuna burgers accented by red pepper coulis; Italian sashimi with anchovies and salad; and in an unusual twist, homemade strawberry and heirloom tomato jam with organic peanut butter and a touch of foie gras elevates the classic American PBJ sandwich from ordinary to extraordinary.

Chef Giacomo Penettore has even created a specialty drink to finish the tastings – a cappuccino, consisting of foamed milk, orange blossom water, and a hint of nutmeg – a wonderful endnote.


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Boutique Mix Fashion said...

I wonder why I get ridiculously thirsty each time I stop by your blog .... hmmm. One of my favorite songs is tequilla makes her clothes come off by Joe Nichols. I just added it to my playlist on the blog. My "happy hour" buddies will love this site!!!