Monday, March 24, 2008

The Liquid Muse Easter Spritzer

I celebrated the Holiest day of the year like any good Catholic girl would... by creating a themed alcoholic libation. (Hey, we drink wine in church - why shouldn't we continue our 'worship' at home?)

This refreshing little sipper is fab for a summer dinner party, book club meeting or to dress up a casual barbeque. It looks pretty but it is easy and cheap to make!

Step 1) Make raspberry lemonade ice cubes by filling an ice tray with lemonade and plopping one fresh raspberry into each cube. Freeze overnight.

Step 2) Fill a large wine glass with about 3 regular ice cubes and 2-3 raspberry lemonade ice cubes.

Step 3) Fill about 3/4 with cheap white wine. I used two-buck Chuck chardonnay. (aka: Charles Shaw from Trader Joe's).

Step 4) Add a splash of lime-flavored sparkling water.

Sidenote: Make this drink non-alcoholic by using my favorite alcohol-removed chardonnay, Fre by Sutter Home! Speaking of which... have you sent in your recipe for our wine cocktail contest? The winner gets a trip for two to fabulous Las Vegas!

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