Friday, March 28, 2008

Designer Water Takes a Fashionable Turn

Evian by Christian Lacroix

While tooling around a wine tasting in Los Angeles a few days ago, I came across this intriguing item. I'm guessing that amid all the 'noise' energy drinks are making these days, fancy designer water is floating downstream, away from the lime light. In an effort to recapture our attention, and material desires, companies such as Evian, are turning to celebrities in the fashion world.

I have to admit that this bottle is stunning. It makes the cobalt and red Ty Nant bottles of yore seem incredibly passe. I would buy a bottle of this Lacroix Evian, if only to stick flowers in it as a conversational centerpiece for a springtime dinner on my patio. I'm not sure I'd shell out upwards of $20 for it on ebay simply to tote it in my gym bag, though. But, hey, as proven in fashion-forward vintage stores around the world, one woman's recycling is the center of another woman's wardrobe...

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Anonymous said...

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