Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stylin’ DC

I recently had the very happy experience of spending a few days in a ‘home away from home’ suite at Hotel Palomar in Dupont Circle. Only it was just a little bit better than home…

In addition to a beautiful view of our Nation’s Capital, the room also came with a welcome bowl of m-n-m’s and my very own elliptical machine to work them off. Oh… and did I mention the Jacuzzi bath big enough to accommodate a few friends?

Also, the wake up call at Hotel Palomar isn’t a recording. A real, live person with a sweet, nurturing voice lulls you out of slumber and into the day. I wished I could have recorded that to take home with me!

Downstairs, my pal Jackie and I enjoyed cocktails with bread a
nd artisnal olive oil as an aperitif before a delicious dinner at Urbana, the hotel’s restaurant and wine bar.

This sparkling cocktail is called Ambrosia.
It features hibiscus syrup and a cool edible flower garnish. Kevin the hotel bar’s Mixologist, also makes a refreshing Basil Collins, which has just the right amount of sweet and tart. I know Jackie (a blushing bride-to-be) agrees that next to diamonds, a great cocktail is a girl’s best friend!

The next night I ordered dinner in my cozy room and ate an exceptional Parma pizza piled high with prosciutto, arugula and shaved parmesano cheese in my furry bed. The pizzaiolo, downstairs, hand makes every pizza from scratch and cooks it in a firery oven. The result is a crust as crisp and light as in Italy topped with fresh herbs and quality cheeses and meats.

My last night at the Palomar, I opted to manga in the hotel bar. I treated myself to a full bottle of a fabulous Rompicollo sangiovese-cabernet. (No, despite my best efforts, I didn’t finish it on my own…). I had this along with three small plates – the pumpkin ravioli, a wonderful lamb ragu and the chef kindly sent out an order of succulent scallops, which were so freakin’ plump and juicy, they just melted on the tongue.

All I can say is that I cannot wait to go back to DC for Jackie and Tony’s wedding, next month, and stop in at the Palomar for a drink and a nibble…

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Nicolas said...

Hey. It was great having you in. I'm glad the scallops were good. We'll see you back soon.