Wednesday, March 26, 2008

St. George Absinthe Verte

Makes Me Feel Like A Lucky Bitch

I have the most awesome job in the world (being The Liquid Muse comes with its perks, ya know...) One of them is trying out new products before the general public even knows they exist. And, I relish it.

I am also a total cocktail geek - as exemplified when I got a teeny-tiny sample of St. George Absinthe in the mail today. These are very limited. I did my own little happy dance. And, I dare say that I feel rather lucky. ("Go shorty, its your birthday...")

St. George Spirits has a whole line of acclaimed eaux de vie, whiskeys and vodkas. But... did you know that they are about to unleash an absinthe into the world? Yes, our very own, home-grown, Northern Californian absinthe. And, I got one of the first samples... a teeny, weeny-just-tease-you-for-the-f***-of-it sample. It almost hurts more to taste something so fabulous and know its scarcity, than never to taste it all. (If you've ever had hot sex in your life, you know what I'm talking about...)

St. George's absinthe is beautiful. The aroma transports you to a place reserved for fuzzy lambs and four leaf clovers. The taste - oh yeah, I sipped it straight to know what it was all about - is pungent, flowery, sweet and a little bit dangerous. Its seductively feminine and powerfully masculine. It walks the line between come hither and get-out-of-my-face. It is everything a spirit should be. Doldrums be gone.

Ok, so its not French. We've stolen and bastardized many things from them before (French fries, French kissing) and made them our own. Why should absinthe be any different? St. George is our absinthe. We claim it. We drink it. Screw off, non-believers. (woops, pardon my French)

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DC Celine said...

This might just be your best post ever. Certainly makes me want to run out and drink some! When can we get it out here on the Right Coast?