Monday, March 24, 2008

Tito’s: Austin’s Greatest Export, and Vodka’s Best-Kept Secret

Have you heard of Tito’s vodka? I’m hoping that you haven’t because that will make this post all the more enticing to those who shun the masses for the love of the unique.

Let’s start out by saying that I love to see the little guys succeed. Especially when they’ve poured every ounce of their passion – and their pocketbook – into their product. (As a little guy, myself, I can relate.)

Therefore, when I got a sample of Tito’s Handmade Vodka in the mail, I may have been pre-disposed to approach it with optimism. I wanted to like it… and even more… I didn’t want to be disappointed. I want to drink and discover the “under-the-radar” vodka that the former PBR hipsters are now sucking down on the sly. Happily, this “micro-distilled” spirit - from the only legal distillery in Texas - did not let me down.

Tito’s vodka is made by Tito Beveridge who lives in the very hip Texas town of Austin where, in 1995, he decided to max out 19 credit cards and live his dream. Since then, his 6-times distilled 100% corn vodka has won the “Unanimous Gold Medal” at the World Spirits Competition and the company has grown to where Tito can not only pay off the credit cards but hold his own in the drippingly saturated “boutique” vodka market.

I love knowing that I’m tasting something that is crafted with care, and a little heart-and-soul. I take my hat off to Tito’s and give a “yippee-yi-yay” to his success. If you want to join the cool kids and drink under the radar with the vodka rebels, visit here. Tell them The Liquid Muse sent you…


Anonymous said...

OMG Natalie I LOVE TITO! I met him in November - he is a trip. And you should see his original little still. He told us that he used to sleep next to it, so he could keep making vodka through the night. CRAZY! and he let me taste a vile full of the distilled 99% pure version before he added the water - HOOOOO!

H. C. said...

I only heard about Tito's 'cause of the emails I get-- there's a recurring Thursday party FEVER that features a Tito's open bar for an hour.

Guess now I'll have to go and check it out ;)