Monday, October 20, 2008

A Bartending Essential

Today I got a welcome surprise in my pile-o-boxes. Robert Hess (aka: has a new book out called “The Essential Bartender’s Guide: How to Create Truly Great Cocktails,” published by our friends at Mud Puddle Books. (You know, those awesome guys reprinting the old cocktail books for geeks like us…)

This book is a fab guide both for the pro and the amateur because Robert breaks down drink styles, tools and throws in a bit of history for good measure. There are classic recipes, some of his own, and some “guest appearances” by Jamie Boudreau, Chuck Taggart, Gary Reagan, Ryan Magarian, Paul Harrington, and more.

In addition to lovely drink shots, there are lots of photos of bottles, brands and book covers from Mud Puddle. Still, the product placement doesn’t take away from the content. This is a book I’m putting on my holiday shopping list for my cocktail-curious Kris Kringles. Well done, Drink Boy!

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Robert Hess said...


Glad you liked the book! It was a fun project to work on. My goal was to do what you could consider as being one of those "General Purpose" cocktail recipe guides, but to include a level of detail that I feel is often missing from this type of book.