Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Passionate for Skyy

Yes, you read that correctly. Skyy Infusion's new passion fruit flavor is delicious. I know, some of you out there may roll your eyes and scoff. It’s VODKA! It’s FLAVORED! (all natural" at that) But, I’ll tell you what… it tastes good.

I just made my version of the Passion Fruit Cosmo – oh yeah, even a Cosmo avoider like myself. Replace the citrus vodka with Skyy’s passion fruit vodka, replace the cranberry juice with guava juice, and let me tell you people, it tastes fab-u-lous.

I was not so fond of the AperiTea pre-bottled cocktails mixers I received in the same package. Went right into the garbage. But, that’s not surprising. I’m not a pre-mixed cocktail mixer kind of gal.

The Mighty Leaf organic tea bags were lovely though. I will buy boxes of Spring Jasmine and African Nectar. I might even mix them with the Skyy. I have been known to whip up a tea-ni or two. Those are yummy. You know I would lie to a passionate little flower like you.

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