Friday, October 24, 2008


Today's Hollywood Reporter claims that agents and TV execs are frothing at the bit to get Palin a TV show because when she appears, ratings hit the ceiling. (Are they sure they're not confusing her with Tina Fey?)

This country is in serious trouble if running for Vice President of our nation is a stepping stone to "reality TV." What's next? Bill Clinton giving sex advice on Playboy's Sirius radio? (Wait! forget I said that...)

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Shawn said...

I'll just filter all those cigar jokes now.

I'm sure opinions will vary, but I think appearances by candidates on talk shows or SNL isn't very presidential / vice-presidential / senatorial, etc., etc. Sure, those appearances are free exposure, and are presumably intended to make the candidate seem likeable. I suppose I am too old school, but I'd rather see candidates focus elsewhere.

Then TLM could fill in for those TV slots instead!