Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ben's Chili Bowl Benefits from Obama's Visit

Anyone who has partied in DC (no its not an oxymoron) has made a late-night stop at Ben's Chili Bowl. Its a hole-in-the-wall filled with an eclectic clientele. One person could be in a suit-and-tie while munching on chili-smothered fries, and next to him a person you'd likely avoid in a dark alley might be tucking into a chili dog with onions. At the counter, a tipsy college girl on a date teetering alongside her preppie blueblood boyfriend might be in need of a little sustainance after seeing Ben Harper play at the nearby 9:30 Club. Its a great cross-section of DC society at any time of the day. And, apparently, now it even has Presidential street cred.

This article showing our soon-to-be President Barack Obama sharing some lip-smacking chili goodness with DC Mayor Adrian Fenty gave me a tickle. And, I can only imagine that the already shoulder-to-shoulder hotdog joint is only going to become more packed! Yay Obama - helping the economy one chili-laden sausage sandwich at a time!

*Photo: AP Press, from this article

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Damyanti said...

I might be going to DC this year...may will look this up:)

It is great to be back here after a long while!

Hope you are doing well, and wish you a peaceful and prosperous new year.