Friday, January 02, 2009

Get 'In The Know' in 2009!

Remember when we had to subscribe to newspapers to stay informed? Well, today, the web makes it easy - and FREE - to stay on top of fun things going on in the cocktail and foodie spheres. Below are a few of my favorite online newsletters. If I've missed some that you love, feel free to leave them in the comments section!

The Liquid Muse Mixology Museletter: Just in case you aren't arleady signed up, I want to let you know about my monthly Museletter which highlights liquor reviews, cocktail recipes, fancy-schmancy events and other fun cocktailian tid-bits.

Charming Cocktails: My gal-pal and fellow cocktail mover-and-shaker, Cheryl Charming, has written numerous books and has been circulating a newsletter for a decade. Sign up and see why!

Tablehopper: This Bay Area-based newsletter written by Marica Gagliardi keeps San Franciscans up to date as to where to eat, drink and savor the good life.

Alcademics: Blogger / journo Camper English offers great give-aways when you sign up on his mailing list.

Intoxicated Zodiac: Gwen Kaiser is one of the nicest cocktail bloggers on the web and has a very cool concept of blending what's in the stars with what's in the glass. Intrigued? Get it here!

Ardent Spirits: If you're a bartender or cocktail enthusiast, you probably already get Gary Regan's newsletter. But, if you don't, get it now!


gwen said...

nat, you are the bomb girlfriend! happy new year, and thank you so very much for the call out. cheers, gwen

camper said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

Marcia said...

awwww, thanks doll! and congrats on your book!