Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sparkling Recognition for Prosecco

While attending Italian Wine Week, I ran into New York-based writer pal Amy Cortese who wrote an informative piece on Prosecco (Italian bubbly) for the New York Times. Given that I've spent the last few days learning about and tasting Italian oenological delights, I wanted to share Amy's article with TLM readers. Cin-cin!

Italian Makers of Prosecco Seek Recognition
by Amy Cortese

IN 1984, Fabio Zardetto, chief winemaker at his family-run vineyard in northern Italy, leapt at the chance to become one of the first bottlers to export prosecco, the sparkling wine, to the United States. The Bisol family’s vineyards, where prosecco grapes are grown. The grape has been grown for 300 years in northern Italy, originally for still wines.

At first, his efforts on behalf of his bubbly fizzled. “I had to push people to taste the prosecco,” recalled Mr. Zardetto, now 50. “I would run behind them with a glass saying, ‘Please, taste this.’ ” Read more here...

*Photo and article come from this NYT Article.

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H. C. said...

I love prosecco! Wonderfully easy to drink on its own as well as for cocktail making, and usually a great value as a sparkly!

Now I want a glass...