Friday, January 02, 2009

When Crack Ain't Whack...

If you live in LA and don't already follow Caroline On Crack, its about time you get with the program, bubs! Hipster-in-the-know, Caroline spills the beans on coffee, fashion, food, drinks et al. She's a cool gal with a penchant for sharing. (Awww.)

I am also giving her a warm 'thank you' for helping to spread the word about my "Preggatinis" both on her website and on LAist, to which she regularly contributes.

Thanks, chickie. After all, what's a cocktail without a little crack on-the-side?

1 comment:

Caroline on Crack said...

No, thank youuu for creating this book. Lots of yummy recipes. I hope it motivates bars to serve nonalcoholic cocktails!