Saturday, May 12, 2007

Can You Spot Taste?

Visit Tastespotting and you don't even have to answer that question...

When I notice a spike in TLM traffic, I follow the link back to see from whence it came. Tastespotting's Entry #1659 links to my post "Shut Up and Drink Your Sushi" reporting on Smirnoff Mixologist, Cameron Bogue's De-Constructed Cocktail.

Man, am I glad to have come across that site. If a stylish food and drink website appeals to your sensibilites, Tastespotting is definitely one to bookmark!

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Deb said...

Sister...what a great site! LOVE it! Taking a little business trip (cruise to Mexico) over the weekend, but would love to meet up when I get back. I'll shoot you a note!