Wednesday, May 09, 2007

How Does Paris Look In Orange?

Sign the Petition to Stop Her Pardon, and Make LA Streets A Little Safer

Sure, I write about cocktails and wines, and the “sizzling” restaurants, bars and events at which they’re served. Sipping them is fun and games. Driving afterward is not.

People who are rich or famous or – worst of all – both create a fantasy in their ego-inflated heads that they are above the law. Paris Hilton seems to think that being punished for her drunk and reckless driving, and subsequent driving on a suspended license, is "cruel." Huh?

Referring to her sentence to spend 45 days in jail, the girl who bought her way into fame stated, "I feel that I was treated unfairly and that the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted and I don't deserve this,” according to USA Today.

Hilton seems to think she is a victim in this situation due to her perceived harassment by police, as explained in Harpers Bazaar, “The cops … pull me over to hit on me. It's really annoying. They're like, 'What's your phone number? Want to go to dinner?' … I have so many cops' business cards.”

Yeah. Uh, like, whatever… Drunken heiresses serving all over the road, endangering others, is sooo attractive. Especially to LAPD.

The really tragic thing in all of this is that by yesterday morning, nearly 1000 “Paris fans” signed a petition asking the Governator to pardon her because she brings "beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives."

If you find that as sad and pathetic as I do and, even worse, have vague recollections of celebrities getting away with, oh, say murder (ahem, OJ) take out a little extra “justice insurance” and sign the petition to render this birdbrain diva’s life a little less simple…

At least ,with Paris Hilton behind bars the Los Angeles Police will no longer be distracted by her magnetic charm and compelling beauty and can get back to fighting crime in the city. Whew. What a relief.

*Photo from IMDB

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Anonymous said...

This chick really pisses me off! Just who does she think she is coming into a courthouse 15 minutes late and NOT expecting jail time. If it were you and me, we would have looked like dummies pleading to the public like she is now!