Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Get Real LA!

Real Talk LA Hits the Web...

And, so does my article in its premiere issue, "Tapping Into LA's Less Known Watering Holes."

One of the cool things about this publication (the print version just hit the streets, too!) is that it focuses on what we don't know about the City of Angels.

We know Hollywood is hot. We know Venice is cool. We know Beverly Hills is upscale and star-studded. And, we know Santa Monica is the new Beverly Hills, and Silverlake is the inland Venice. That's all fine and good. But, what about the rest of LA?

Yeah, there is more to LA than trendy boutiques on La Brea and the latest nightclub where DJ AM spins for his slew of "celebrity groupies."

Koreatown, Thaitown, Downtown (and not the trendy part), East LA, Inglewood, Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia and El Segundo all have hide-aways the Paparazzi wish they know about. The outskirts of LA from Oxnard to San Pedro have lots of under the radar hip happenings. And, I am reporting on them to you.

We are talking about making my contribution to Real Talk LA a monthly occurance... I'll keep you posted on how that develops... In the meantime, check it out. You might just learn something...

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