Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Glitter City Getaway (Part Two)

Dining and Dancing in the Fantasy Tower in Vegas

In the cabride from Caesar’s Palace, Carly and I noticed a little camera just below the rearview mirror, pointed toward the back seat, which spurred us to ask the driver about Taxicab Confessions,
and if he’d ever had any wacky scenarios back there. With great condor, and considerable enthusiasm, he recounted stories of being paid to drive around while couples did things in the back of his cab that would make ladies at the mustang ranch blush. One story in particular – which he merrily shared in far too much detail – involved two women, him, a banana and a generous tip.

(Suffice it to say that by the time we reached The Palms, I had pretty much lost my appetite, particularly for anything even vaguely resembling a fruit salad.) Luckily, once whisked up to the 51st floor of the Fantasy Tower at the Palms Hotel, and snuggled up to a Pink Pussycat rose champagne cocktail at Nove, I forgot all about the cab ride over.

Nove Italiano melds classic Italian elegance with sparkly Vegas kitsch into one seamless dining and people-watching experience. Rococo meets Louis XIV meets modern opulance, and hulking crystal chandeliers glow pink, then violet, then blue. Dapper waiters, hosts and managers waltz around the room, performing a ballet of impeccable service.

And, might I add that Hugh Hefner himself, and a slew of Playmates, celebrated his 81 st birthday there, just a month earlier...!

We started with a copious seafood platter, overflowing with oysters, crab legs, clams, jumbo shrimp, and other delights della mare. Next, we sunk our teeth into a buttery, succulent steak. Another Pink Pussycat, thank you very much, and I was ready to curl up on the exotically upholstered booth and not move for the rest of the night.

But, that would have been a terrible mistake, as the night was far from over. After dinner, we visited to the glamorous Playboy Club, another floor up. The allure of Bunny croupiers and waitresses (sporting ears and tails) is second only to the stunning and ever-expanding view of Sin City, itself.

Though posing for a photo with these
Bunnies may not be the best thing for my "mid-30's-vanity" I couldn't resist grabbing Carly and getting a shot with the lovely ladies of the Playboy Club. (Eat your hearts out, fellas!)

The club is comprised of several Playboy themed rooms with much attention to detail.

One wall of the lounge is a digital mosaic of magazine covers, which fade from one image into another. Behind one bar, the Playboy logo lights up the liquor shelves. An intimate corner of the club is lined with leather wall panels studded with tiny silver rabbit heads. And, the bathroom is wall papered with the magazine’s pin-ups.

Yet another ascent to the 53rd floor of the tower, Moon Bar pumps dance music into the wee hours. Scantily-clad pole dancers loosen up the crowd with syrupy dance moves that leave eye-candy oglers with a cavity, or two.

After getting your groove on, cool off with an icy cocktail on the outside deck. Towering above Las Vegas, surrounded by sexy people and the desert breeze, you may even find inspiration for your own Taxicab Confession…

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