Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Pegu Gets Confidential in the AC...

No, not The OC... The AC... (as in Atlantic City - duh!) keeps its residents in
style with the shiny new AC Confidential.

Thanks to David and Brian for the shout out. And, seriously guys, your post featuring the Pegu Cocktail made me thirsty!! A timeless classic, for sure.

btw - if any of you Sipsters find yourselves in The AC this summer, check out Nikki Beach. I was there for its opening weekend and liked it a lot. It is very similarly laid out as the one in St. Tropez - big white mattresses - which I loved suntanning on in France... no tan lines, if you catch my drift! You may have to keep your tops on in New Jersey but the mojitos and caipi's are still great.

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Anonymous said...

We made the Pegu the star of our cocktail menu when we opened Vaquero two years ago and it's been a tremendous success ever since. The Angostura lends a depth that most people have never experienced before in a drink, and by using a light-bodied gin like Beefeeater the drink is super light and refreshing.

But the wonderful thing about the Pegu is its portability: there isn't a rare ingredient required, so it can be made at practically any bar in the world. In fact, it's grown so popular in Eugene that other bars have started featuring it!