Friday, May 25, 2007

The Healthy Voyager

Are you one of those people who gains weight on vacation? Do you indulge in extra dessert, pasta with cream sauce and sausage, and or fast food on a road trip - then throw up your hands saying, "Oh well, I'm on vacation!"

I am one of "those" people! I love to indulge, especially when I travel. And, I travel a lot.

So, when LA-based Carolyn Scott told me she was starting the Healthy Traveler blog and online show, I had to check it out! Carolyn journeys around the country and shares her healthy finds with us - so eating out doesn't have to be synonymous with pigging out.

Scott's focus is not only on low-calorie food but healthy food. As she puts it,
“Being a 9 year vegan and traveling for work, family, etc., I developed a way to seek out the best places for me to eat while not sacrificing fun or ruining my travel partner’s trip either. I knew that many people shared my problem and thus The Healthy Voyager was born!

Here is her latest installment from Watercourse Foods cafe, bistro and pizzeria in Denver, Colorado:

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