Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dancing With the Green Fairy

Absinthe's mystique and lore attracts intrigued boheme-a-philes like 1920's opium addicts to darkened dens of iniquity...

There are rumors of legal absinthe becoming available in the US, which sets my musey heart a-flutter. Just thinking of a sip transports my senses to the free-spirited and romantique days of "Literary Paris."

I blogged my clandestine experience with Absinthe, last year. My pals Tony and Jackie, in DC, acquired a bottle through unnamed sources. (The anticipation, alone, was enthralling!)

If you would like to explore the "dark side" of drinking, take a peek at La Fee Verte. These folks seem to know a whole lot about the stuff (they even feature a buyers' guide and discussion forum). You can also peruse the Virtual Absinthe Museum.

But, be warned - no one wants a little green fairy on his / her back...


Shawn said...

Coincidentally, I was in Paris for work last week, and at dinner the chef served a little pre-dessert amuse-bouche that featured absinthe. A dropper full of absinthe dangled on a stand above a plate with a small cup-shaped pastry. The idea was to squeeze the absinthe into the pastry, then eat the entire thing. Once the amuse made its appearance, the conversation at the table turned towards its legal history. (Of course, I was with a bunch of lawyers.)

Like you, I had wondered about absinthe for years. When I crushed the pastry in my mouth, I tasted the anise flavor, perhaps waiting for some sort of intense bacchanal experience. The taste reminded me of ouzo, yet smoother. Though that mad experience never came, at least I could cross one curiosity off my list.

Anonymous said...

Legal absinthe is more than just a rumour; Lucid Absinthe is currently available at various retailers and bars in New York.

Due to some successful lobbying on the part of the distributor, "thujone free" has been administratively redefined from the prior standard of <1ppm to a much higher <10ppm in the finished product. Many traditionally made absinthes fall within this range; though to the best of my knowledge no specific products other than Lucid have been announced, rumour has it that at least two others have gone through the approval process successfully.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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