Monday, July 02, 2007


How do you stay awake during a long night of partying? (Ok, let's stay legal, kids...) Is Vodka Red Bull your drink of choice? Coca-cola and some spirit or another? Or maybe just a caffeine-infused booze?

Well, now there's a new option on the market. Perhaps you've tried VitaminWater. (I love those!) They are formulated for Energy, Calm, Stress, and so on. Well, now the same company presents a line of VitaminEnergy drinks.

And, being a liquor-lover, I thought about ways to spike these puppies into something useful - yes, useful - for a big night out...

Here's what I came up with:

Citrus: Add some grapefruit flavored vodka (Finlandia has a good one) and a generous squeeze of lime.

Dragonfruit: A splash of gin and a slice of mango make this more than a powerful memory.

Fruit Punch: A little rum and a maraschino cherry take the party up a notch.

Just don't blame me if these blasts of energy render your Ambien inutile...

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