Monday, July 09, 2007

Flying for Peanuts…

(But they’ll cost you!)

Riddle me this:

Which airline charges a passenger $5 for Bacardi, $1 for the juice to add to it, and $2 for a mini bag of chips?

The same airline that charges $10 to check in a suitcase.

Yes, $10 to check in one bag. $20 for two bags, and so on. We’re not talking excess baggage. Or, overweight baggage. Or, oversize baggage. Just plain old, normal, small-enough-to-carry-on baggage. But, being allowed only one carry on, I’d have to choose between it and my computer bag.

It would be like a scene from Sophie’s Choice… “Take the computer bag. No, take the suitcase. No, the computer. No, the clothes…”

Wishing to arrive in Puerto Rico with both my bikini and my blogging apparatus, I had no choice but to cough up $10, and check my bag in.

That was a first. And, despite the sign that says they’ll take cash, they don’t. So, I charged it. In the plane, they don’t take cash, either. So, if you would like to drink a coffee or soft drink on Spirit Airlines, make sure you have a Visa or Mastercard to hand over for a $1 charge. Yes, coffee is $1. I have not yet inquired how much refills run…

But, hell, who cares?! I’m flying into the Caribbean. The ocean is a whole spectrum of varying shades of turquoise, below me. In a matter of hours, I’ll have my toes in the sand, a fruity-tooty cocktail in my hand, and a big, fat smile on my face.

Check in one normal size/weight bag: $10
A beverage and a bag of chips: $8
Getting milked by a discount airline: Priceless

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Anonymous said...

Scary, isn't it?
When you add the charge for oil, I wonder what the best deals are!