Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another Quality Tonic Hits Shelves!

It is gratifying to know that not only are boutique liquor companies presenting us with small batch, superior products - but our cry for quality is being heard is also being heard by companies manufacturing other cocktail ingredients. Mixers, for example, are joining the cocktail revolution.

I am using all-natural Fever Tree mixers in my Sustainable Sips cocktail class, this Tuesday at X bar in Los Angeles, which I first had the pleasure of tasting in May. And, while at Tales of the Cocktail, I became acquainted with Q Tonic, which is made from Andean quinine and organic Mexican agave. It also boasts all-natural ingredients and 60% fewer calories than other mass-produced tonic waters.

So far, it is only available in New York city, but we in California know that the drive to head West is just a matter of time...

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