Thursday, July 05, 2007

Chablis, Liquid Gold and "l’Art de Vivre"

Chablis winemakers commissioned the edgy and visually eloquent French photographer, Bettina Rheims to express the spirit of their wines in an exhibit called Liquid Gold, which they feel illustrates the “elegance, quality, conviviality, softness of life and art.”

They compare her work with the integrity of their vintage, calling it “the essence of the French Chic” or “l’Art de Vivre” and have sent the eleven large-scale portraits, comprising the Liquid Gold exhibition, around the world. From London, they went to Manhattan, where they’ve been on display at Bloomingdales since June 18.

As of July 9, Liquid Gold will be presented at the New York Palace Hotel (through July 23). Then, on September 15, it goes to Charlie Palmer’s Métrazur Restaurant at the Grand Central Ter
minal, for a month. From there, the photos travel on to Tokyo and Moscow.

Chablis vineyards are some of the oldest in France, providing some of the most prestigious wines of Burgundy. Today, the word “chablis” is often used to describe dry white wines from a wide range of countries; however, authentic Chablis (like Champagne or Bordeaux) come from France.

I found the chablis delightfully light, and as delicately soft as a dandelion petal. I paired it with a sheep’s milk cheese and slightly sweet wheat crackers. Exquisite! Absolutely one of my most pleasurable recent sensory experiences. Learn more about the art and the wine on this website.

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Anonymous said...

Worth reading, is it not?
I do have some problems explaining the differences bewteen Chablis and Chablis here in Japan where a lot of people are scammed.
By the way, Thursday's Tour de France stage will start in Chablis and finish in Autun.
Might be a good idea to record the TV report as the Tour commentators make a (welcome) point to give a lot of information on the areas and sites the cyclists run through!