Sunday, July 01, 2007

Like Wine? So does Brenda... (squared).

Sometimes, wandering around the web, I come across people who I like so much, I add them into my links. If I really like their stuff, I go so far as to subscribe. (Rarely, though, as I have more email and magazine subscriptions I can even get through in a month.)

However, the ultimate compliment in my little Musey Universe is to devote a whole post to a new "cyber friend." (I use 'friend' loosely, as I haven't actually met most of these people...)

Anyway, Camper English subscribed to my YouTube cocktail show. (Bless him) So, I checked out his, and some of his 'favorites' videos. There, I discovered Brenda & Brenda whose show "Whining and Dining" features the Ab-Fab style ladies tasting wines, comparing them to movie stars, eating cheese, singing and doing impressions. Cracked me up - more than once. (Plus, I have a soft spot for celebrities and Spanish wines, too... though I can't stand Barbara Streisand. Not even impressions of her.)

I also really like that their first episode has bad video and audio quality. That made me feel much better because my first episode has horrendous video and audio quality. Their second episode, featured here, is waaaay better. I find that encouraging. Post-worthy, in fact. Salud, ladies!

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